Big thanks to @Tim Derry for being such an icon on the site, as well as such an awesome producer to look up to! And thank you to @SIREN for the sick vocal version, check it out: PHONES (Vocal Version)



It's out! I've been planning on making a YouTube series where I do tutorials on how to sound like your favourite Audiotool artists, and I finally finished the first episode of the series (which sat in my drafts for over 5 months unfortunately). Here's the 1st episode of HTSL AT Edition, How To Sound Like Tim Derry!


YouTube link for the video: (coming soon)

Please do consider following my socials to support me outside of Audiotool. Tell me if I did an accurate representation of Tim in this track! Hopefully he sees this hahaha. Be sure to share this with your friends and leave in the comments down below who I should do the next video on! Peace :)

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