This crashed on me more than 10 times, (I counted then gave up.) This was difficult to work with, and frustrating.

But yet, I had A LOT of fun. I would not mind mixing this again. I had multiple ideas for a remix. So maybe ill go back , and create a second version, or something.

This has crashed 4 times, trying to pubb. Lets hope it dosent do it again.

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  • 208 bpm < midtempo wew

  • OMG 100 LIKES

  • 208 bpm tho. xD

    • okay so istg i didn't write this. has to be someone in a rabb

  • Sonic3ze you think you got it bad? If I opened this, or even the original one, my computer wouldn't even be able to play the song without it slowing down and then most likely crashing. :-|

  • ffs i want to make stuff like this ;-;

  • Damn dude. You weren't fucking exaggerating about getting better, this is solid as fuck.

  • ur 8th in the charts of the month



  • holy fuck this is awesome

  • wowzerrz

  • Well this is massive :o

  • I don't wanna be that guy that just writes a stupid comment with no meaning except for I enjoyed it, but, fuck this is cool. I reckon it was worth the crashes

  • Nice job on #3 on single charts man, that's ahead of Infyuthsion!

  • woah

  • very cool remix