Ironically, Arama showed up as the fourth commander of the Astral Plane, a fact that bothers the hell out of him, leading to the other commanders teasing him about it all the time as payback for his tomfoolery. Arama isn't like the other commanders. He doesn't have a hyperdyme form but is equivalent to them in his own original state, which would have all three of his eyes open simultaneously, deeming him as Arama the Third. Arama the Third is a being with transcendent levels of control over the mind and psyche, more so than the other commanders. Comparing him to an esper or a psychic would be like comparing a grain of sand to an entire multiverse -- it could never even come remotely close to explaining his full capability. As a result, Arama the Third reaches an "awakening" and is overcome with an all-encompassing mania. When all three eyes are open, he truly feels capable of anything!! He is the only commander who retains some of his emotions and personality quirks in his original form. The others, by nature, do not.

[LOOP START: 3:33 | Time Signatures: 3/4, 6/4, 9/4 + Swing]

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  • crack but the healthiest kind

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