The only sounds in this track come from multiple instances of my overused TF Basskick sample. Even Astrum and Infyuthsion have used the sample. Thanks, Kepz, for using my sample. You gave me the idea for this. And that's right, this is all samples. What an unoriginal noob I am. I might do this again using only one instance of TF Basskick.

To create the lead and any other tonal "synth" I used the Machiniste high-pass filter with high resonance to create a sine wave. The sine wave was then passed through a Tube distortion with the blend all the way to the right to turn it into a sawtooth-like wave. Pitch changes were achieved by using the filter frequency modulation by velocity. The amount was adjusted so that 48 velocity units create an octave.

Kick drum: TF Basskick

Hi-hats: TF Basskick

Snare: TF Basskick

That percussion thing: TF Basskick

Crash-ish: TF Basskick

Reverse cymbal-ish: TF Basskick

Lead: TF Basskick

303-ish: TF Basskick

Bass: TF Basskick

Pad: TF Basskick

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