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  • Boinger love it bro!!!

    You probably make the best Progressive House on AudioTool now! :D

    • yessir its such a responsibility


  • can't wait untill you finnish! (maybe add some like vocal studder on the un-used space, or just make he song's end when the song stops playing.)

    • (make sure to reverb it)

    • i was thinking of taking some on the same scale, and chopping it.

    • i dont have vocals

  • k this slaps. Bass a bit to loud. Thats all. Kinda drounds out the synth

  • Nice idea :D

    Here's some feedback if you want:

    The white noise risers are a little repetitive and loud: you could fix this by turning the sound down and using different transition fx

    The bass in the drop takes up a lot of space in the mix. A good way to make a cleaner and more powerful sounding bass would be to combine two basses, one with a powerful low frequency playing, and another one with the sound you want without the low frequency.

    Hope this helped!

  • It sounds so pretty, the cover looks pretty too lol nice track! I'm probably gonna have to check out the original songs so I know what you've remixed.

  • just given me the sike to make music

  • love the track! it sounds like you highpassed most of the elements. the track doesn't sound full and powerful without it. it's a bit of a trick to figure out which parts need it, but a good rule of thumb is to only highpass when necessary and only cut beneath the lowest harmonic.

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  • bro nice work

  • damn this is awesome

  • nostalagia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • damn. What a drop. I like it lots. Clap could be just a bit louder

  • Impressive 0_0

  • cant wait for the full results