I know im like 40 followers late but HAPPY 1K!!! IN HONNER OF THIS- Vulk and I came together to make a 1,000 word rap song! The idea for this track has been several months in the making, and what better way to show our collaborative efforts then through the ATD contest XD YEAR 3 BABY!!!!! anyways i hope you like the song, got A BUNCH of new music on the way and a new album "noir" in the works. As always, i am so grateful for your endless love and support, i wouldn't be where i am without you <3


Day one posting for once (totally not because we were hella late last year). Why the fuck Po9t thought the remake of Bored to Tears was a good idea is beyond me, but here we are. And with 3 other beats because why not. Hats off to Po9t for being a fucking beast as always :D Enjoy, Vulkronites!



It had to be a google docs because this description just can't take 1,000 words.

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