This is originally a song called Guitar Romantic Search Adventure by the Wallows, one of my favourite bands.

I've been wanting to do a couple covers of their songs for a while now, so with the help of a friend, we started making some demos

Vocals are both of us singing, and then merging and mixing the vocals as one, them providing the soprano(most of what you hear) and me providing the bass and tenor, so much credit to them!

These are some fun projects I'm doing, expect more demos and vocals from me in the future

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  • Love this style, congrats for the nice song :)

  • this is heavenly, this skill needs to be noticed by big music labels, you need to make the full version

  • naw jit this is good

  • Gotta say this is special to me - watching how much your musical style has changed, and now hearing your vocals for the first time - you did a great job, my friend ;) - So tell me, now that you've done them, vocals can be a pain eh? lol


      also, 90% credit to my friend for most of the vocal timbre you hear, he’s the soprano and alto on this

      But it means a lot to us <3

  • you're getting so much better with vocal editing and delivery

  • Nice vocals dude!

  • i think the vocals need more high end like they dont sound too crisp, maybe that’s what you intended tho

    but idk i rlly like the vibe u were going for

    • nah he right i wasnt sure whether or not what i said was a good idea, hence why i said “idk”

    • i'll consider both! :D

    • i cant say i agree. i honestly think that the lack of high end fits better. if they did have high end, the vocals would be piercing. given the context of the instrumentals i'd say the choice to have the voice be "muffled" a bit was a good choice

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  • Bro, this is so great bro, nice job bro this is a hit! love the guitar <3

  • Very chill song :~)

  • holy shit marry me

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  • vocals are mixed weirdly

    good voice control though

    • Thanks so much :D

    • it sounds acoustic and raw which fits this song very well

    • reminds me of some of the slow-core indie mixing from like teen suicide n them, i like it rougher like this it conveys more with the artifacts

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  • sounds good on laptop speakers for some reason

  • vocal work is pretty unique, sounds sweet

    • ty! :D

      Much props to my friend who help

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  • o.o