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Fluent, beat tape contest


Ever since I released the first one, dozens of people have asked to take part in upcoming tapes. I wish I could invite everyone, but I can't :C I usually just invite people that I think have a fitting aesthetic, but I want to open this up to the community. Because of this, I think it should be contest time! Remix this track and submit your entry. The winner will receive a spot on tape 8. Your entry will not be used for the tape, but you will be invited to create a new one for the project.


1. Your track should be between 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

2. Collaborations are not allowed

3. have fun :^)

If you want to help judge let me know. I'm looking for two to help me out (previous participants? uwu)

sidenote: If you've already taken part in one please abstain from this contest. I'd love to have you participate again, but also want to see what other people have to offer :D

sidenote sidenote: here are the other projects for you to reference Tapes 1-7


Due date: two weeks from now (8/14/2020)


PS: There may be multiple winners, if I can't decide between a few :D


comment on this album if I miss your entry: Beat Tape Contest Entries

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