Cover of track Filtered Feelings by UniverseCosmic
  • about 5 years ago
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UniverseCosmic, Filtered Feelings


I Abused Of Samples And Filters! n_n

This Is My Style Of Filter/House Nothing Spectacular But Anyways Enjoy! n_n

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    UniverseCosmic about 5 years ago

    Thanks All! n_n

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    <B L A N K> about 5 years ago

    This is Unique you are possibly fave artist apart from Torn Sage

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    Wayward Ventus about 5 years ago

    very nice and "Pop"-ish, if I do say so myself, nice beat and a interesting use of samples I like it

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    Richard Courtney about 5 years ago

    Nice tune...

  • User Avatar

    Smily about 5 years ago

    good track :)