Ayy big dubstep time!


Idk, this definitely hasn't been my best sound design job for sure. I feel like the larger my tracks keep getting, the less quality they are. I'm p sure it's mainly due to lag.


If ya know me, then you prolly already guessed I'm not in it to win it. I mean if I was I wouldn't be making dubstep obv. I'm just using Audiotool Day as an excuse to actually make smtn. Apparently I can't motivate myself to go all out otherwise. lmfao


Natural minor cuz I way overdue that harmonic minor Spag Heddy kinda shit. Enjoy.

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  • 800th play

  • epic

  • wth this is so intense

    reminds me of old NCS dubstep releases

    love it <3

  • And u compliment me and my mixing, LOL

  • 666 plays


    And I love that track cover too- I'm obsessed with wolves lol

    • explains the pfp

    • I mean... I consider myself one... but that's not what I was saying lol

    • are you just saying ur a furry?

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  • 2017 dubstep music

  • This is such a amazing dubstep song!!! :OOOO AWESOME 100%!

  • the drums hit and those saws are hot af

  • Not a huge fan of this genre, but goddamn if a few years ago i heard this on AT, i wouldn't believe it was made with AT synths. Great job.

  • dayum

  • this concept is insane and the respect i have for the amount of shit you put into this is immense

    there is so much potential here

  • Tf is ur computer???????? I wanna buy it if you could work on a track like this bro please i need it

  • WOOW

    Epic, Awesome work!

    • Hmm

      Let's me see...


      I can't work with more than 10 synths, lol