more melty soundscapey stuff because it's fun.

thanks everyone <3

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  • oh yeah, i forgot u were tycho

  • i miss this genre of opaq

  • this better not replace Dive in favourites, because this is not good

    • maybe its not the best or most complicated song but its def the prettiest

    • this is so much better tbh this is prob my fav by you

  • i love this so much

  • still my fav track by you

  • I love this genre <3

  • Congratz on getting 500 followers! =D

  • woah


  • Why did I never favourite this? :o

  • I want to better understand how to use the synths in audiotool. Are there any tutorials you would recommend that have helped you... I always thought audiotool was too rudimentary to create nice syth sounds UNTIL NOW Quite an exceptional track! (:

  • Nice track i really enjoy it

  • Hey you make very good music. Good job 8)

  • i love love love the noir sound throughout

  • Oh my goooosh this is so amazing, when the beat stopped and the symbols brought it back it gave me chills.