I have a feeling this is how Roy's brain works during the time when he's making music.

It is like you convert his neuron signals and data into sound. So I think this is what is happening in his brain while he's making music.


Roy is an emerging lo-fi star. Recently he tries his hand at all kinds of genres, but when it comes to lofi whether that be > hiphop > boom-bap > house > lofi'ish beats in general he is just golden. I love Roy's lo-fi filtering and how old-school-sounding his stuff is.

Defo check out Roy and follow - @Roy ↨


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Brainworks - Audiotool Role Play

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  • fat

  • that kick is nutty

  • that kick is soo juicy

  • sheeesh

  • loving this texture

  • Holly shit that PC rig u got there O_o

    • yeah some Pentium 2's running windows 95

  • Wow I'm in love with this shit, Thanks sila I really appreciate the effort you put into this, the brainwork series and your other tracks. Btw this shit slaps I'm going to abuse that play button.

    • 0_0

    • Yes you gonna finish it or am gonna bust your ass. :*

    • I don't know if I'm gonna finish it. I got 2 tracks for the ep ones a UK garage track and ones a hip hop track.

    3 more
  • Extremely fucking accurate what the fuck.

    • Roy made this under my credentials ((


  • this is prolly one of the more accurate ones tbh

  • I emerge as first in line to call this track swank

    • For that, you have been granted a stereo from now on!

  • Republished

    Filtered out as much clipping as I could ( can hear it hard at 1:26 - 1:31 ) It is caused by Rassel as always. It doesn't clip that much at steplength 4 but I need the mix to run through step 2 to have the swing. Gate effect fixes it a bit too though.