Audio tool has been my drug of choice since i first started with audio tool. Andre' injected us with the pulv in his tracks" inject a - a bunch of letters" and OMG what a Rush.

So i went on to experiment with Hb after that and after I started Exploring and experimenting with the HB , it made me realize that free Bacing HB gave me the better rush then injecting it :)

Disclaimer :

To impressionable kids. i joke about drugs here but in reality Hard drugs Hold horrors that you cannot ever see unless you go there. not because of the drugs themselves making you high thats jsut bad for your health.. its the array of things you cant even imagine or forsee happening as a result of your change in attude about life and the Negitive ways in witch society deals with drug users using the kind of drugs they dont approve of .. its best to let your music be your drug yall... trust me on that

7 years

I created this track mostly with HBs and AT tools but there is a loop from ableton in this and 1 small itty bitty bass line .. Enjoy this step

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