big things coming.


I’ve been listening to a lot of synthwave recently, and artists like Volant, Essenger, FWLR, FOOL, etc have inspired me to dive into the world of 80s music. The goal for this track was to create something high energy and nostalgic, a track that could possibly fit into a racing game such as Forza. I started off with the intro, looking to create an eerie atmosphere using subtle background fx paired with the crushed arp. The track continued to flow very smoothly, adding and orchestral like chorus and a very straight forward build. The drop itself is deep and brooding, as well as high energy. I wanted it to feel as if you were in a late night high speed car chase. The track then transitions into a synthwave-esque section, kinda of building upon my vision for a nostalgic track. It’s nothing too innovative, just a simple catchy section to keep the listener interested. The midsection then comes in, where I aim to further expand on the orchestral feel of the intro. The tone starts out dark, and as the section progresses, becomes more vibrant and colorful. With the second drop, I decided to go full on synthwave. I wanted it to be just as impactful and high energy as the first drop, so I added subtle layers to the arps and low ends such as the crushed lead to add a more grand feel. the drop continues to progress, making small changes to the melodies and rhythm to again, keep the listener interested. The track ends with basically a bare bones version of the second drop, also reintroducing the melody at the very beginning of the track. then, believe it or not, the song ends.

Thank you all for listening, I hope you guys enjoyed. Good luck to everyone in the competition, lots of amazing entries!

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