Does anyone even make music like this anymore?

No but for real though, music has always been this frustrating thing for me. My inconsistent results and attempts at making what I want to make usually end up in failure, and for a while I thought I wasn't improving at all whilst everyone around me on this site was constantly improving at ten times the rate I was. Maybe some part of me is petty about falling behind, but more than ever I've been feeling inspired by all of the good music that comes out of this site now.

I was obviously taking my slow improvements for granted.

In any case; I've leveled up today. I'm neither creative nor a genius, but I've finally made something I can personally be proud of and I hope you all enjoy it; even if it's lacking in comparison to the stuff some of you guys produce weekly.

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  • Hearty refav..

  • We love Syntax.

  • Now that is some NOICE EDM right there! Nice work!!! :DDD

  • That description is me. At the same time, I constantly use that as a reason to keep bettering myself and pushing forward.

    • Well done with this track. I really enjoy the atmosphere! Something I'd listen to on my walks :)

  • Hey, Ik someone who makes music like this, and I'd say they're an expert at this. Their name is...

  • Republished

    all I wanted to do was change the profile picture but that didn't seem right to do to a 2 year old track so enjoy some slight mastering changes

  • Takes me back to Astrum Era

  • This is really good, it's hard to see beyond your own personal bias sometimes. The production value throughout the entire track is really high, I think I'd be hard pressed to find many complextro tracks on this site with a mix this clean and synths this nice. The compositional material and arrangement is also great, everything sounds intentional and well thought out, and the track flows/progresses nicely.

    • 4:20 on with the slow down and new section at 4:50 is also very creative and fresh, so I don't know where you got the idea that you're not creative.

  • syntax keeping complextro alive

  • this is now one of my favourites

  • One word..... AMAZING

  • Reminds me of the good ole times of audiotool

  • Mmm the chords. :o

  • this is sooooooo good

    i miss the old style <3