I'm back home!

one 303, no samples (minus vocals) and too many purple reverbs.

3.0.3 inspired me to make noise signals out of the tb303 and use them for sound design. Lonesome gave me the challenge to use only one 303. Rassel clicking fix helped me to pitch and layer the vocals. A Message to You gave me the idea to use the aux send for some crazy fx (the OTT send is what it ended up as) Always learning.

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  • I just came from the news post. Impressive work! Your vocal skills as well as your sound design skills really sparkle in this one. Well done! :)

  • this will be the theme song of my character im developing

    i have not appreciated this song enough and now i will

  • gotta be fuckin kidding me, no matter how many times it happens on this website, the people who make entire songs from single sources are absolute wizards about it

  • this is why i like you

  • you are epic

  • The 303 must have a headache 😰

  • This is like if the bit at the end of The Summoning was more than a goofy little aside lol

    • Haha, it's the bassline from the summoning, motifs from granite, and a reharmonized chord prog from aqua regia. I love the vore album and have listened through it constantly since it came out

  • Dope work?

  • 100th

  • had this stuck in my head at work yesterday lol

  • nice job on the reward!

  • most dope. love those vocals

    Can you also explain the idea behind the aux send? we'd love to learn too <3

  • so cool..congrats :)

  • Idk if it's just me but I feel Prince vibes, so cool:~)

  • incredible