Dug up this old old draft and made a beat out if it.

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  • oh shit i gotta remix nohset's remix


    • almost finished

    • they allowed me to so i will give u 10%

    • Im on all streaming services its up to rai he made the magic happen

      if things work out just give me 10% royalties for the vocals

    10 more
  • nice job! love that sub. Very solid with that kick, though I don't know if the snare slaps hard enough

    It also sounds like your hats are mono, which can get boring. I recommend doing some simple panning automation in your mix! It can really spice things up in a short amount of time

  • Oh I gotta put some vocals on this

    im so stoned and vibin to this like WTF

  • big W

  • Yeah this reminds me def of your old stuff, that thick bass is def a Rai signature