Another failed Glitch hop draft full of funky tastiness.

I was gonna make this a full draft, but instead I'm deciding to publish it as it is and have other people remix it if they want as well as me doing a remix in the future.

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  • sweet, can't wait to hear it m8

  • I might just do more failed glitch hop songs

  • aww sheet

  • You should stay in tune ;D

  • I seriously have no idea how I missed this

  • mmm

  • holy hell m8 <3

  • Yeah if you keep rubbing a guy at his nipples and keep squeezing, milk will eventually come out.

  • actually synth, guys can still lactate... well some of them atleast *quivers and gags* fahk ;-;

  • @almate you never fail to make me lactate uncontrollably :) <3

    ....wait im a guy

  • h0t mayne

  • Dayumm xD

  • Thanks m8

  • @navor Yeah I had a lot of trouble mixing this, mostly because I probably didn't use the best kind of drum samples, didn't compress enough, or didn't EQ enough.