The photo was shot by a friend of mine.

This is for those night summer festivals we love. Beer, dance, smiles, music, drunkeness, fun..:) Tonight we got the Club Audiotool party, unfortunately i cannot asist but i wish you had a great night Audiotoolers. I'm sure it will be awesome.

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  • ... like it ... harmony is great ... nice track

  • Oh, i usually don't read comments of old songs :/ i miss this one. Sorry @http :// Lionson's Arrival reminds me this one. I think i'm gonna make another guitar effected song. The intro is made using high harmonics through some effects (chorus/flanger pedal, a lot of reverbs and EQ). I used Guitar Rig 4. Sorry man but i don't remember very well :/

  • The opening sound are still the most heavenly I've heard on the site... I have to recreate them somehow..........

  • Thanks guys!

  • like melodies nice job :)

  • It sounded too digital and of natural striking to be a synth, but I wasn't sure there are some geniuses on audiotool ;) Well you manipulated that guitar brilliantly!

  • deep awesome sound nice one :)

  • Thanks half brother of name :DD

  • good job.

  • Thanks @rwblackwell So @tophat Sorry man, 7 hours ago are my sleepy time, zzzz XD that bell ( 0.32 did you mean?) It was made with my guitar. The beggining are just harmonics and the second cross-faded one are high notes with some bright effects and some deep modulation. It's not a synt but now i think it will be interesting recreat this one on Heisen. Maybe i will try it and I will looove it if you made a remix.

    Thanks for listening Jace :)

  • I will remix this one day, hopefully..

  • Oh my goodness..... SSagara... I love that bell... is that a synth? I can't open because I am on my phone... those sounds heavily inspire...... such beautiful melancholy...!

  • Btw, thanks for those fav Julsy, 5GN2477 :)

  • Hey you're right Dei! Maybe those sleigh bells may be high pitched a bit to fit with the rest of it. Thanks for that man!

  • intereting pitch in the begginning but its great when the melody kicks in the begginning sounds magical!!!! @ 1:50 great stuff!!! bass is really nice and chill dont really like the drums that come in around @ 3:00

    the piano fits very very well!! :)