weeb. This is going to my debut album too XD, we'll be adding vocals later. If you've heard from the original, the melody was pretty simple, but it was the inspiration from which I managed to expand the track into a simple chord progression. My initial aim was to teach h2o some synthwave, hopefully I've done that right :)

- Icebox


yo! im h2O snd ive inly strted ussing AT recently depsite beiing on it for like 9 months. this collb was so fun even though it gpt postpned a lot nd i reallly lpve it, but its gonna be even better with bocals! im relsly fucking durnk rn



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  • wtf h20 lmao

  • Sounds more like edm to me, cool track tho guys

  • kinda a bop ngl

    • Holy fuck u found this hahahaha

      Glad u liked it lol

  • I've said it before and I'll say it again WHAT A SEXY VOICE

  • Alright I've contained myself. Only thing I'd suggest is raising the vocals in volume a bit


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  • chords???

    • k thx (I might not even be using these lyrics but i can't remember

    • Its just 2 chords looped again and and again, G#Maj7 and then EbMaj7

    • i can't be bothered to work them out

  • nice

  • nice

  • MY VOCALS HERE RIGHT HERE. btw this got my heart pumping i love this

    • the audiotrack containing these vocals are in the remix comp track itself ;)

    • but how do i get them?

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  • First before I give any crit, h20 are you good? Lol, anyway, I think this song needs a much better baseline. The reerbed claps r annoying in my op. Also the saws need to be stronger and more forceful to give a synthwave vibe. Next i think the kick could be stronger. I think you overreerbed this song honestly, too much is meshing. The lead needs to be be stronger in the buildup, it is getting beried in the chords.

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    added vocals

  • I think the bass needs some variation as atm it just repeats the same two notes without varying the sound design or rhythm.

    • I am no synthwave expert haha, It's a genre I want to get better in, but I can't crack the sound design for it. sometimes I tag a prog track as synthwave as there isn't a prog house tag :/

    • that's a nice idea :)

      thanks for the feedback, that's what I'd expect from a synthwave expert XD

    • I'm not saying you should introduce any crazy basses. but you could toy with the envelopes with automation to add some slow variation into the bassline. Maybe have a slightly more staccato section? just a thought.

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