after almost 4 years of on and off work, the 4th edition is finally complete B)


this draft was started before vulkronix 2 and ended up taking 3 years longer xD but hands down the most fun I've ever had on a draft :)))


vulks sound design is always beyond me but that's part of the learning process, and it provides so much musical freedom which ends up being 30 or so different melodies (there's about 2.5x worth of the song behind the endbar of melodies and extras)

we hope you enjoy the song as much as we did making it <3

bitches be fartin ~ synthy


women. amirite fellas? ~ vulk


true ~ synthy


holy fuck this collab took as long as the audiotool devs took to create audiotool next. Honestly with a finished product like this, I personally believe it was worth the wait :D Enjoy Vulkronites! ~ vulk


all my 1:22 enjoyers rise up >:D


Thank you @audiotool for featuring this track on your youtube channel!


v u l k r o n i x 4 . 0 b l y a t c h e s

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  • "no, vulkronix stays on during sex."

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  • track be like 'boop beep boop boop bow bowbowbowowowowow'

  • sick song ngl

  • epiknesz

  • loving the classic synthonix style

  • If you send this song to Spinnin' Records back in the day when there was a lot of big room and progressive house, I think they would sign this song.

  • This track makes my hair and fingernails feel great... I dunno how else to say it.

    I'm always a sucker for some good House. Bass is perfect. Melodies are a 11/10. So catchy, I love it!

  • this is crazy good guys wth

  • Hey man, great song. Quick question, I'm new to Audiotool and just made something in FL Studio. So how would I post that file as a track here..? Thanks.

    • actually you can, its just very annoying

      Basically you gotta chop up your song into 30 second segments and upload each of those segments individually

    • here's how: you dont

  • not good ! : (

  • I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Vulkron u always deliver bro, also credits to synthy too ur both legends! :D

  • still my favorite song on here

  • W song

  • yo i started to listen to this saying this is so good

    i was going to like it but i saw i already did


  • how is this still charting? XDDDDDDDDDDDD