It's gotta be better...

OG: Bubbles! by @Vulkron





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  • i cant believe i never favorited this

    • Haha, I never realized

  • I listen to this way too much..

  • oh god

  • What'd you do to the sample goddam

  • This is actually pretty good

  • I like this version of Bubbles

  • Good rmx !

    • Thank you! It could've used more work, but I was being lazy.

  • Republished

    - Very slight mastering

    - Extended second drop

    - Possibly made it way too long

  • yes

  • doesnt sound bassy like the og, but its not bad

    • Yeah that makes sense. It could probably use a layer of sorts.

    • it does sound a bit fuller, but also weaker if that makes sense

    • It sounds a little different because I did a little work on the bass to give it a cleaner out. It's got some more high and the mid high's are a lot lower.

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