Pretty symbolic piece for me, had a lot of fun putting this one together recently. Worked pretty hard on mastering this one but if y'all have any critiques at all let me know pls. I'd love to hear :)

Hope y'all enjoy the new one my brothas

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  • 02:10 is that a skrillex & sleepnet - tears reference??? :0

  • This is cool

  • don't know how i ended up here, but saw 'M35' and it made me think of M83 lol

  • it amazes me how you can make stuff like these on this free online daw, great track as always

    • ty brotha good to hear from you as always :) <3


  • snare


  • so what im hearing is you own a 4-door 350z

  • this is crazzy m8!

  • the only thing I'd point out is that the transition from tha intro to that vocal at 00:28 was very unexpected. Big harmonic difference there. But goddamn this is great. Sounds crisp af. The high-end presence and sound-design is professional-grade stuff.

    • Hell yeah, bold moves

    • Thank y’all a ton for the feedback. That was one thing I was struggling with before pubbing the project. A couple sections don’t fit quite well and are a little out of the blue but with as many various ideas as I was coming up with for this track I decided to embrace the “all over the place” nature in a sense. after a couple listens the ear starts to get used to the sudden changes but I like each section so much I decided to keep them. The part at the end is just some melodic fun, thank y’all sm

    • yeah, you could have those vocals floating in the back with some verb and a LP filter transition.

      Other than that, each part and idea works so good on it's own. Feels like a highenergy mash-up. Crazy that you have this many good ideas and can cram them all into one track!

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  • I love the ear candy here. The panning in both of my ears is a nice touch. And also the melodies feels like a whole virtual reality experience or out of body experience. You should actually start doing video gaming music at some point if you haven't already done so. Because you're so talented!

    • Thank you man, as a matter of fact I have a couple chiptune drafts that I’ve played with. Might come to life one day but at the moment still an experiment:)

  • Cannot thank y’all enough for the continued support. It makes me smile when people can find enjoyment from the music I make <3 love y’all

    • Fucking deserve every bit of it bro <3

  • So expressive, amazing work! Not been here much lately but every time I listen to your stuff the quality has just +++++++++++++

    • <3

    • I appreciate you man, always a joy to hear from you

  • this is insane

  • sick sounds