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abstract, How To Create a Dubstep Drop


I've observed that a lot of Audiotool still seems to not understand too much about the structure of a dubstep drop. Here is an example of how to create an okay drop with just 2 basses and drums. (and a sub)

In case most of you haven't noticed, dubstep/brostep drops usually consist of 2 or more synths: a low growling bass and a high lead flux pavilion synth. In a dubstep drop, you usually have a call and response type thing with these two synths. The growl bass hits on the kick and the high lead dances on and past the snare. Then the maker creates a 4 to 8 bar loop of this and repeats it with progressions and variation. In this example I used a growling type bass and a lead only, so its pretty basic.

In steps:

1. Create hard hitting half time drums.

2. Growl bass on kick and high lead on snare. Create a pattern like this where the bass and lead interchange between each other. Make a 4 or 8 bar loop of this.

3. Add variation/progressions in drums (hihats) or add notes in the bass patch and lead.

Tip: pitch bends help, and subs fill out the higher synth usually

Hope I helped! :D

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