Cover of track I actually put forth effort for once by Vulkron
  • about 7 months ago
  • 6974
  • 270
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Vulkron, I actually put forth effort for once

  • edm
  • obama
  • effort

Not bad

[insert obama meme]



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    Yoka♡Valentine about 6 months ago

    omg..this is so good..

  • User Avatar

    Flamehills about 6 months ago

    Can you make sure your songs are downloadable

  • User Avatar

    Ice Loli about 7 months ago


    vulk managed to get basically the same song in the charts


  • User Avatar

    iZiq about 7 months ago

    You turned a whole draft into a sample and uploaded that instead...

    Vulk if you don't

    • User Avatar

      Vulkron about 6 months ago

      First of all, this got more faves than the original

      Not that im happy about it tho... >:/

    • User Avatar

      iZiq about 6 months ago

      You import a sample on the timeline

    • User Avatar

      Four Chords about 6 months ago

      How you even do that?

  • User Avatar

    sanderlundius about 6 months ago