Cover of track I actually put forth effort for once by Vulkron
  • about 3 months ago
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Vulkron, I actually put forth effort for once

  • edm
  • obama
  • effort

Not bad

[insert obama meme]



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    Yoka♡Valentine about 2 months ago

    omg..this is so good..

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    Flamehills about 2 months ago

    Can you make sure your songs are downloadable

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    Ice Loli about 3 months ago


    vulk managed to get basically the same song in the charts


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    iZiq about 3 months ago

    You turned a whole draft into a sample and uploaded that instead...

    Vulk if you don't

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      Vulkron about 2 months ago

      First of all, this got more faves than the original

      Not that im happy about it tho... >:/

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      iZiq about 2 months ago

      You import a sample on the timeline

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      Four Chords about 2 months ago

      How you even do that?

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    sanderlundius about 3 months ago


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    Auxilor about 3 months ago

    I managed to get an mp3 of my what about us remix :)

    Buy it for $1 at (link is only visible to registered users)

    Giving all the money I make from it to cancer research uk!

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    ParsleySoda about 3 months ago

    This is awesome!

    Quick question though.

    Did you just teach yourself how to produce music? If not, were there any books or online tutorials you took/read?

    I really want to improve my skills, so I am trying to find out how some other, better, producers learned.

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    WubbaSonic about 3 months ago

    y is this charted but not the full version

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      Vulkron about 3 months ago

      same honestly, i even put the link to the full version in the desc

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    Alexi about 3 months ago

    Ok seriously, why do you keep charting

    it aNGERS me

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    DaanVester about 3 months ago

    lol there is audiotrack and eq in the image

    'i actually put effort for once'

    (yeah, it is made with fl i know)

    • User Avatar

      Vulkron about 3 months ago

      its actually audiotool

      click the link in the desc

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    EVAN_E about 3 months ago

    check my thicc song

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    Nova about 3 months ago


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    sonic3ze about 3 months ago


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    Ari. about 3 months ago

    the fucking build percs jesus

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    Thivale about 3 months ago

    nice man