i also made the original song, i am bassCOPP too, i fixed things i didnt like and added new parts. i hope you like this song you guys, - Excentric out!

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  • Samples*

  • All of us don't use songs

  • dude, its nothing but samples, i mean, theres nothing wrong with using samples every once in a while. but this is nothing but samples

  • O_o!!!!! nICE Dude

  • oh shit, i wanted to be in this group, but this is nothing but samples D:

  • Man this is good, if it weren't for all the samples this could be a front page song :P

  • Money money money money!

  • ya someone hacked our acount

  • HDid You Change The Password???

  • Nice

  • that's crazy...I like it = D

  • i cant log in, we need to wait for the next person to post a song, after that we would know who did it.

  • Excentric! If you can still login to AdmitOne, we need you to reset the password! Everyone else can't use AdmitOne, but apparently you can so we need the password reset.

  • dis is awsome!