So I have never done a joint track before and I got a lot of inspiration from my friend Dori.

- Sex on the beach -

So I kinda gave this song to Dori, but I realized how precious this was and made her give it back. I kinda put all of my fantasies that I know I will never get to have in to this portion of the track.

As a black fag, seriously, no one wants me and I kinda used this track to present frustration. Plus the vaporwave was a cool touch to it.

- Livin' The Dangerous Life - *W.I.P*

One of my all time favorite tracks from my friend Dori, but even the track has imperfections, so I knew it was up to me re-create one of her amazing tracks and add a few touches to it.

How LTDL connects to me though is that I'm constantly doing risky things. Things that really could be the end of me and I hate it so much, but at the same time it's an addiction. It's something I find myself doing again and again.


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