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  • I want to remix :)

  • Hi ! I'm LionRecordings and I record label. I would like to add your track to the single album and upload to YouTube !

  • Tyler James- Glad you think it's good although not your prefered style, take a look around my other sounds, hopefully you find something more to your liking. :)


  • DarkDescendant- I know what you mean, by the transitioning from the Trap into BigRoom so quickly nearer the end, I have recently used this track live the past few nights and crowd reaction and participation seems to be awesome, think it's one of them, has to be SUPER loud volume to get the full appreciation and yes these are, I spoke earlier in the comments about I make them via external DAWs then piece them here on Audiotool because of the simplicity of this site.

  • Not really sure what I think of this. It turns from Trap into that big room snare breakdown into some chessy big room chords into the drop pretty fast! Are most of these your samples?

  • aBstracT- Ain't even fazed man, I kind of aimed for a more simple production to this track hence the emptiness, didn't want to over do it, sometimes less is more looks like it didn't pay off this time. It's one of those tracks you will love or hate, thanks for your opinion, thanks for commenting! :)

  • You seem like a reasonable guy though. Just cut back on spam, and especially just spamming on a popular track were you're just trying to divert attention to yourself.

  • There seems to be a weirdly big amount of people saying bad stuff about this track for audiotool. I love this!

  • Don't spam on tracks man. It's rude. The use of the drum machine in the intro sounds suuuuper nooby. Good pad sound design. Sounds kind of empty throughout though. And the 1.21 build up snare sounds like crap. Good big room drop, but there are a few notes out of scale.

  • Cool man, it's your opinion but I do know what you mean

    big room house is that type of music, that once it's been around

    a while it's a little hard to define originality in it all.

    I appreciate your comment and feedback,

    ~ShaneRoss :)

  • this is just like the most generic stuff ever ;( at least get creative

  • Yeah most of this track was made outside of AT, I use At to piece it all back together for the final product

    just due to the simplicity of everything here :)

  • did you make the synths outside of AT?