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For those who love in secret.

It was love at first look, will of the angels hook

And suddenly you feel like you’re an empty book

Waiting to be filled with a story from the skies

You’re already dreaming of a new shiny start

When she illuminates your little wounded heart

But deep inside you it’s clear, your heart never lies

She doesn’t see the bright spark in your opened eyes

She doesn’t feel the pulse resonating in your heart

You’re too shy, beeing invisible is your art

And deep in your head, your hope fade away and dies

You’re stuck into the glowing light of her shadow

Trying to catch the sun through the broken window

You start your endless fall in the rising darkness

And now she’s gone and you feel completely hopeless

Time passes and she still ignoring your feelings

You finally find enough courage to tell her

You already know the answer, but you’re waiting

And now it’s done, your heart is colder than ever

But you’ve never gave up, the fight is not finished

Love is immortal and you're still invisible

You would wish to have the strength to tell her all but

Love is immortal and you're still invisible


About this track : It sucks but I didn't publish anything for months so...

About the little text : I tried to write what I couldn't put in the music (due to its suckness (but even this I couldn't...)). Please don't mind all the english mistakes :)

I'm searching for a vocalist for this track (maybe the lyrics could be above but it's quite bad... really bad) so if you can help me don't hesitate^^

Oh and there is a little click at 0.00 and I couldn't remove it... any suggestions?

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    Nice one!

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    merci :)))

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    tres chouette

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    DJ LEM

    Wow bravo ! et elle sucks pas ;)

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    merci beaucoup^^ ba en fait je sais pas plus je l'écoutais plus je la trouvais chiante :)

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    Wow vraiment super et je vois pas pourquoi tu dis "it sucks" alors que franchement c'est du très bon boulot ! Et bravo pour les paroles, y'a vraiment du style !

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    thanks a lot torn :)

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    love it !!

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    excellent :)

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    merci grotzo! haha je suis assez content de celle la^^

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    Bon boulot, et coup de cœur pour le son de la basse. Pour l'ajout de la voix, à mon avis un "talk over" serait l'idéal (ça limite la recherche d'un vrai chanteur !). J'aime ce texte aussi et certaines phrases du genre : " The glowing light of her shadow"....

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    thanks man :)

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    aaagh i love this