I made another song, the bass is completely generated with the pulverisateur and some effects, also that squeaky sound. A bit monotonous in my opinion

I optimized some parts and improved the layout design of the devices.

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  • 400k plays but only 100 likes? this dosent make any sort if sense

    • 400K??????

    • For your information, back in the day like 10 years ago audiotool’s listening system was very broken


  • It's amazing how you only used two pulvs. And plus the drums are very professional along with the basses.

  • 17 devices...

  • I'll save you from counting

    There are 511 remixes

  • wait wtf what is 448770 plays

  • I betchu most of us that's playing this song rn wasn't even on AT 9 years ago!!!!

  • wtf

  • I on god saw the plays and thought it was a bug.







    I was wrong 440K!!!!??? G fucking G

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  • this is pretty darn incredible ngl

  • 9 years ago

    jesus fuck

  • jesus.

  • 447091

  • so uhh how the absolute fuck does this have so many fucking views?

    i mean, the song is pretty dope, so theres a start

  • Damn that's a lotta veiws.