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  • lowkey me on a daily tbh

  • anthem

  • refav for the piss foley

  • Oh dang, one I can actually give some constructive feedback on. This is freaking awesome, but when you get to 1:20 , it stops the groove a little too hard in its tracks a little too long and doesn't move for about 8 bars. You might have even gone down to basically nothing there for like 2 or 4 bars to help move the buildup along. Also wtf is with the pissing foley.

  • eek sorry man i listened but forgot to fave

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  • nice

  • Holy fuck dude

  • holy. shit.

  • Very interesting and versatile. My favorite part is the one that starts at 01:48 crispy, funky and straight


  • I love this, also stop pissing all over the track

    • i recorded a ton of foley stuff right before sampocalypse, and me pissing was the only one i managed to upload. so naturally, i'm gonna use it frequently


  • 2nd drop is fucking fire

  • oh hell yeah, dude! those drums are the shit!

  • gogogo percussion

  • Yum i love cough syrup