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Jacob Tyler, AT Day 2017 Competition [Prize Updated]


Start Date: 10 Dec 17

Deadline: 10 Jan 18


Hi guys it’s that time of year again. This year with guest judges @Kepz and last year’s winner @opaqity


To enter this competition simply create a track and publish it. Any genre, any length.


In previous years, to enter you must click the remix button on this track.

To enter this year, you simply need to comment on my wall a link to your track.



There are not many rules but to avoid confusion I’ll explain them here:


1. The track must of been published between 10|12|17 - 10|01|18.

2. You can enter as many tracks as you like, however, only your best track will be placed in the top 10.

3. Do not spam my wall with multiple instances of your track. If you’ve already posted it on my wall, then I will of seen it ! I promise not to miss anyone out.


Tracks will be judged on numerous factors:


1. Songwriting and structure.

2. Production values such as mixing and mastering.

3. Smart synth design.

4. Texture and tonality.

5. Clever and original use of samples (one-shots and loops).


The tracks will be divided into:

- Top 10 Overal Tracks

- Top 3 "Next" Tracks

- Honourable Mentions



Don’t over-complicate your tracks because you think it will get you marks. Just because a synth patch or melody line is super complex, it doesn’t automatically make it good.




- The Audiotool Dev's have got into contact with me and are providing 2 a-records Vinyls for the winner of the "Next" category. These can be seen in the cover art.

- I would like to sort maybe a £50 beatport voucher, or something similar for overal first place. However, I need to double check the rules when it comes to sending vouchers across different currencies but I should of worked it out by January.


If you have any questions email:

audiotoolday2017 @GMAIL .com

I will be sure to get back to you within 24 hours.



Good luck guys,

Happy ‘Tooling.

- Jacob

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