Just a little something We put together in honor of creepiness

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  • This is awesome dudes! I can deff hear both of ur styles in this!!!

  • creepiness was never so nice!

  • make sure to read description b4 you judge me for what i say in this track

  • ah I c... this is a huge collab ya got here!!!.... and okay, i have nother tab and I am gong through all your tracks... i liketo see how you progressed..

  • i got one more to show you stay on this page for a moment its another collab with Up Abaddon and myself

  • just use a mic very simple mic actually alot of my tracks have my vox in them

  • Uprising made the melody and basic structure of the song and i added and he added :D

  • do you have a recording studio or like a mic on a laptop???

  • i did the SCREAMS LOL

  • Let me restate that, (after listening to the entire thing!!!!) VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY.... DID I MENTION VERY CREEPY!

  • haha thanks

  • Very creepy, I like the high techno bleeps, very neat!


  • BTF