thanks for the name suggestions everyone, my friend thought of a cool name ;)

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  • i still love it!!!

  • still one of the best tracks on AT, hands down.

    • Mate*

    • Thanks nate, where did all your tracks go?

  • 6 min of pure happiness <3

  • v nice

  • absolutely amazing trance

  • lol what is wrong with me why haven't I heard this

  • refav this magic peace... this and dream tape man... make feel my work shit

  • your ambient breaks are so beautiful

  • Republished

    now that i boosted the highs i realized how shitty my drum patterns are

  • jajaja but sure i could learn a lot with only 20%

  • thanks! :) @Griader that would be very boring to watch :P 20% of time i work, 80% of time i just sit and stare at it.

  • kepz this is amazing! shit why i missed that one too... thanks syntax :D

    I would like to be with you when you creat a song to see how you do that magic

  • The flow into the second section is so smooth.

  • The drums in this one flow really well