My entry for @☯[VermontBeatzzz]☯ 's remix comp. Hopefully I can get dat $50 LMAO

Original here: Moved on ( Accapella Challenge )


I've been listening to a lot of @rai. 's stuff lately, and I really wanted to make a track like him (HTSL rai soon[?]). When I heard the acapella, I instantly got reminded of Ok, Boomer and used it as my reference track to make this remix. Hopefully it lives up to everyone's expectation, I tried to make the sound design and the mixing as clean as possible. Pretty proud of the thicc mix in this one ngl.


Vermont you have an amazing voice! Really had fun messing with your vocals and making layer after layer, and stacking effect after effect on them to make the vocal mix interesting. Hope you like it!


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