final p4 of chasm series

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  • DAYIM!

  • Wow 0.o... clap clap clap

  • thanks brother :) looking forward to your next

  • Cool. This is one of my favorite AT tracks. Nice to see it get some recognition. They might slice it up into a short clip or whatever but at the end of the day it's an awesome thing for you, torn. Congratulations.

  • that thing it's a personal choice i can't said anything only the boss will ....

  • the "meditative groove" is not suited for popular consumption - my thinking is they will use snipets - not sure

  • indeed freeze - i think so - i am re-working the comp in that direction - many thanks :)

  • but 4 min it's to long no ? i am curious ....

  • yes thanks man - very exciting

  • oh wow! thats a big deal! congratulations! :)

  • bose selected this for possible up coming radio-tv commercials - need to ready for mastering

  • Nice one.

  • I swear i faved this ages ago. Anyway man, i love it. The synth work in this is great. The addition of a piano was great. How did you do that out of curiosity?

  • Is that a quote from ratatouille?

  • classic :)