I really like making DnB. It's fun.

Anyone noticed a reccuring theme in my original tracks lately? ;)

Thanks alot to E-Trim for some finetuning and edits that make the track sound much better!

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  • Awesome !!!!!!

  • Republished

    Slight edits, sub bass in second build up and slight final "Drop" edits

  • This is good! Great build up and drop! :)

  • Refav :)

  • Republished

    thanks to e-trim for edits, also added phaser to bass

  • Better but now the bass line seems a bit loud lol. The drums are still getting lost with it :/

    ... and still not 5 min :D

  • Republished

    Decreased volume of Lead and increased volume of drums, thanks for the feedback e-trim and onyx <3

  • Very nice track. Lead synth is to loud and the drums are way to quite. But this is a very cool track man. One more comment :) ... dnb tracks should be at least 5 mins lol ...

  • Really cool. I like the bass. Maybe bring the drums out more, they sound a bit too quiet :)

  • ur underrated e.e

  • besides a few.. xD