I couldnt't hold myself from publishing i just couldn't... this is probably one of my best tracks.. made all audiotool

please enjoy

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  • yeah i wasnt thinking when i was repeating the intro

  • it wouldnt repeat so much if school wasnt makign me soo fucking busy

  • Cool :)

  • simple

  • the pads in the beginning are interesting... cool I suppose! it repeats waay too much though I think. the melody is great!!! some of the synth are amazing!!!!!! just waay too much repeating

  • love it! AWESOME! :D

  • love it just downloaded it bout to add it to my favorites

  • cool bro:)

  • Cool as always

  • I didn't liked?!?!

    Well this is really relaxing and it's reallly great :D

  • Really coooool

  • i love it, especially the little solo thing at 0:46 !!!! AWESOME

  • honestly i forgot my other one

  • how does it feel to have 2 tracks on popular? ;)

  • thanks for the feedback