this is an experimental song im working on (it gets pretty loud in the second part. This is the unmastered version.


This track, and many more will be on my first full length album "Purgatory"


I hope you enjoy it, i put a lot of work in this song

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  • the 2nd half i absolutely love,, 808 only,, your voice blends well with this style

    this would go well with a narrative-driven music vid too~

    • then crys- then shouts- then screams like a psychopath

    • him putting his car on fire like his Ferrari on fire LOL

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  • okay this ones my favorite

    • lmao yeah. ill check it out homie

    • Sounds even better on Spotify ;)

  • Also, why would you publish something that you're "working on"? You didn't ask for notes, constructive crit or anything like that...

    No offense, but that sounds more like this was the best you could do, because you followed it up with' I hope you enjoy it, I put a lot of work in to this song'.

    So which is it? Did you put in a lot of work, or is it unfinished? Just to put it out there, it's okay to ask for advice or just to straight up admit the end of an idea. We will always support you

    • Well shit boi, that kinda makes sense, but either way, I guess the timeline explains that more, I didn't take note how many months ago this was (I'm always mixed up by AT's date format)

      And well duuuuude! You should totes update it if it's finished! I'd love to hear the end result

    • lol this song was released on audiotool MONTHS ago XD i was just learning/ practicing distortion at the time and was adjusting the master constantly till i gave up. SO its unfinished at the time but SINCE THEN- i have finished the song just not updated it lol.

  • 'it gets pretty loud in the second part'

    you don't say?? I thought that huge difference in waveform width was because the second part was that much more awesome than the first part. turns out it was the opposite. Have you heard of clipping? It's a thing.

    • @po9t fair enough! Lol Respect for being honest and not too butt hurt like some people get.

      Keep it going, man.

    • although i love you 2 arguing in my comments- this is my track. This is how i wanted it to sound. I liked how ammeter and fucked up it sounds and thats why i haven't changed/ updated this draft. it shows progress

    • nah it's a poop saw

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  • lolimdeadinside

  • 😛

  • stop making me cry poet :/

    • i almost took this one down last night

  • Make all the girls go crazy go crazy

    Go, go, go stupid

    But you smart like a plus student

    Up down, right down

    Looking for your love, right now- I'm fucking boreddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd

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  • (gives me depression, even tho I'm already depressed)

  • this is good I couldn't hear the other part well last time

  • im literally crying to this song

  • sooo goood!!!!

  • can you email the stems to illuminatedstrangersmusic @GMAIL .com so I can make my own version


    • your mom

    • but it was fine I took it as a compliment LOL you thought I was being shady like wtf

    • yea i was going to do that before you commented but I was to stupid and could not find preference-

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  • My ears have never heard something so amazing and spectacular.