this beautiful story about friendship and loss in war transfixed - lyrics and vocals by the great one @ATHeat

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  • Good one bro :) Very nice guitar bass things :) Amazing percs yet again :)

  • this is a really soft and professional one :)

  • There are a lot of good things to say about this peace... I love it when the violins come in.. and nice job with the vocals. I know it's kinda hard to make them perfect.

  • the violin is magnificent. sad and amazing at the same time..

  • Touch me...

  • :)

  • Stunningly beautiful!

    I should come here more often..

  • The music is soo good! Piano and violin make this great piece!

  • I'm still loving this, perfect colab!!! soooooooo gooood :)

  • to @ATHeat upon learning the personal nature of these lyrics :)

  • Thanks for using this. Thank you for caring.

  • Always nice to listen to your music, even if it's very simpe, it's tastefull and brings me peace. This could be a soundtrack of a modern film. :)

  • great stuff, N1m8:)!

  • beautiful work my friend

  • I like the drums :) very chilled.

    Amazing work indeed. Do you record the vocals or do you write the music to fit the vocals already there?