little flip of a tune i co-wrote with a machine-learning algorithm i built last year (trained on sam rivers' beatrice).


played live with my wonderful quintet, fakeart;

leo weisskoff (bass)

jonathan paik (piano)

aaron kaufman-levine (alto sax)

garrett frees (tenor sax)

nico daglio (that's me lol)

chirp (chirp)


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  • refav

  • okay, do whatever you want to me if you disagree, but jazz & hip-hop is the best musical combination.

    • honestly, Im not really able to name something specific. One group are the gypsy devils (ciganski diabli) On YT I guess they have some work that is not as appealing to me there, but they were absolutely amazing live.

    • that's terrible to hear! do you have any suggestions of roma music that i could check out and support? this all emphasizes how important it is for me—as a white male born into relative privilege—to go out of my way to support and lift up voices of those who may not be as easily heard as me. and i'd hope others would do the same as well.

      a threat to any culture anywhere is a threat to all cultures everywhere.

    • Its really interesting, because, in Slovakia, the roma population is extremely segregated and victim to racism, even direct and not just systemic. And yet their musical culture has so much drive and passion to it, not rarely borrowed. Its a big problem.

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  • I need to learn how to write jazz like this.

  • this is so good aaah.

  • 3.1k and almost 100 damn u guys like this one! <3

  • the magic that just entered my earssssss


  • that beat was nice

  • woahhh this is good asf! gs

  • chickn wings

  • Mmm, sounds perfect for my 1 minute rice bowl; Refav

  • sounds like seduction music

  • oh #2 in singles that's nice i guess

    • #10 is fool_TRP20 i think is removed from charts due to copyright

    • We'll consider it #1 :)

      Overlook the ATD2020 track

    • curious as to why there's only 9 places this week

  • MY GOD, my musical inspirations never fail, I really wanted to make music like you, I loved this song