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Amp7070, Amp7070 156 remix comp


Hello, it is Amp7070, I achieved a great milestone 156 followers

To celebrate this epic achievement I have decided to go absolutely mental and host my 2nd remix competition, as the first one was very fun!


Use any of the 4 stimuli in a way that the final result has at least 1 feature that is recognisable from any of them


Examples of features:

A chord progression

A melody

A Bassline

A synth

A Stimulus but made into a full track

It is your decision on what you want to do / on what you think will give you more points


Collabs are allowed but if you choose to do so and place, the prizes will be split (not that the prizes are amazing anyway)

1st place:

You can make me do 3 things that isnt illegal/extortion/makes me uncomfortable

2nd place:

You can make me do 2 things that isnt illegal/extortion/makes me uncomfortable

3rd place:

You can make me do 1 things that isnt illegal/extortion/makes me uncomfortable


I will follow you


Deadline: An amount of time to be decided after at least 5 people remix.


Quality is better than quantity, however i am probably more likely to place a track that is 2 minutes long over a track that is 10 seconds long :)

To find out what sort of tracks that might place high, you can listen to tracks that are on my page, or you can check tracks within my hidden folder (something on the lines of you can create something which I failed to do so)


Most importantly, if you choose to enter, which I hope you do, enjoy yourself and make something which you can say you are more happy rather than more sad that that is something you chose to do.


If you have any questions, please just ask


If you want me to add more content if you are not inspired to make anything from this, please tell me and i will add more because i will be lucky if more than 1 person remixes this


Thank you again. :)

deadline is 24th feb!

Entries: Amp7070 156 Follower Comp Entries

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