Tried to do it completely differently without losing too much of the originals spirit.

Sorry about the excess length :D

Also check out Inspectre - Aliens [Jays Mix Chapter #02]

I hope you will enjoy it!!!

The stems are exclusively for use in the remix contest and within the Audiotool context. They are the property of the band Inspectre

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  • Republished

    final editing of the end

  • Republished

    Short edit v0.1

  • congrats Jay! Great trancy cover!

  • Congrats on the win :)

  • Congrats, that was well deserved :)

  • Congrats!!!!

  • congrats on the win

    • Second the congrats. Must be a proud moment for you, @JayFK . Savor it!

    • Still speechless. Thanks!

  • so lush! great work man!


  • I saw JFK on the entries list and I thought to myself OH I GOTTA SEE WHAT THEY DID <3

    I started in at chapter 3, which I didn't like, so I went to 2, didn't like it, now I'm here, and I like this one much more than 2 or 3. These three chapters feel like one long track and I just wanted to joke that I don't think Inspectre was planning on setting aside 15 mins of the new EP hahaha ;)

    Anyways, I hope your entry gets picked! I like it :)

    • Thanks!

      looking back after a few days I also favorite Chapter #01 :-)

  • Republished

    Changed Cover

  • Republished

    fixed hurting clap

  • really nice subtle fx on the vocals!

    • Thanks, feels to me, like there are some hurting frequencies if it is played louder. Maybe I do some EQ on the main vocals and republish...

  • Nice! I wouldn't call this bass music but I like whatever it is. :D

  • Awesome