Cover of track 400 Remix Comp!! by Fluctus
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Fluctus, 400 Remix Comp!!


Thank you so much for 400, guys! It's been 5 years since I started making music and I still can't believe that ppl have watched me grow since the very beginning. It really means a lot to have this small yet devoted following. I can't thank y'all enough <3

DEADLINE: 5/10/2019 (will extend if 3 ppl ask)

Rules: Use at least one melody or use the chords


1st - Collab (AT or other DAW), shoutout on my wall, and a random unreleased track

2nd - Shoutout on my wall, and a random unreleased track

3rd - Shoutout, and an 808 clave sample

Sorry I can't give out any money. I'm broke af lol halp.

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