I wanted to do DnB out of the ordinary, I wasn't sure where to start so I took a lot of time studying gno4166's stuff to learn how to do something like this. I think it paid off because I had sooo much fun making this and I think the work I put in really paid off. I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I did making it. <3 Love y'all :*

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  • whew tb man

  • <3

  • <3

  • I'm geeking over the fact that the time signature is 7/8!!! Well done, Aura. That was a necessity.

  • Im hearing a bit of abstract in this one

  • I love the way this flows with something so simple. You might be trying to push the volume a little too hard. The bass and pads get pretty lost under the percussion.

    • *simple yet complex at the same time

  • That bass is so clean holy fucc

  • damn those shakers totaly mess with my 4/4 brain xD

  • 7/4 and DnB go together well just like how masturbation and public pools do so.

  • yassssssssssss

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  • amazing sound design as always

  • This song is so dope!

  • gno is a legend

  • love all your work :)

    • I love all of yours also <3 you're definitely special.

  • how do you make the loud and wide variety of noise without any distortion that hurts the ear drums? Because every time I attempted to make something like this there is clipping and distortion that causes headaches lol.

    • thank you :) and no problem

    • You did a great job though, thanks for the info.

    • A lot more to mixing than those 3 elements, but those are the basics.

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