i finally have some more time to work on some stuff

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  • the more i listen to this the more aware i become of just how crazy your right-handed technique is, jesus

    those rhythms are brazy

    • still sounds sick asf, either way

    • nah i meant on the guitar

      idk if he's the one playing it or not tho

    • wait this is Retro on a kit?!

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  • oh wow, JESUS

    i must refav

  • Could I use this for a youtube channel? (I do know that audiotool has a youtube channel) But I would really love to use this as I have a cool idea. If you are interested let me know and take a look into my bio for more info. (Not a scammer lol)

  • shit sounds fucking sick

  • retro can i make ur song longer iT IS AMAZIN

  • yo retro can u invite me to this I wanna make this a full song hahahaha

    • i'm sending an invite :)

  • That chord that hits after the slight pause is amazing... like on the & of measure 2 in the pattern

  • very groovy and funky track

  • this song is so good i almost forgot to favorite

  • very very very nice B)

  • ughghgu the percussion is so nice and snappy

  • this is so good holyyyy

  • this is soooo smooth dude wow

  • i would gladly nae nae to this ngl

  • gosh <3