Hey everyone! It's been a wonderful year and thank you all for your support. Had a blast producing this one! Shoutout to Hurakan for the support. Unfortunately he wasn't able to run the draft anymore so I took over. He was great to work with.

Enjoy :)

Hey guys :) this was really cool to work on with Lito, he's a BEAST, and most of the credit goes to him on this one. Mostly all I did was hand out synths, did minor edits, and some mixing when he wasn't looking(shh don't tell him 👀). Anyways, this was really cool, and I genuinely hope you enjoy this, because a lot of effort was put into it.

Bon Appétit :)


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  • i fw this heavy and im not even a trancer

  • tad bit too repetitive, even for the genre, but still love this

  • where'd you make the cover? i still think it's so cool

  • 1400

  • This at the very least should've deserved a feature on the AT music channel

    • I would much prefer another more polished track than this but I do appreciate it.

  • I love those crushed 'ya' stutters, although I wish there was an octave lower layered in there, especially at the drop, like 02:26 . that would be a rad place to add an extra octave and really drive that melody

    it would also be nice if you mixed up the automation in the second half, keeps the listener from getting bored, it would REALLY set up the song well for that half tempo section at the very end. maybe if you used triplets?...

    • The lower crushed sound effect sounds like it is at a lower octave. But that would be impossible to do, without it sounding bad. I haven't tested it yet, but it's the crusher that's making it sound as high as it is. The crusher sounds like it's near the 14% downsample range. If you wanted a deeper tone you'd need to go higher with the downsample range. 21-25% would do the trick. As someone who used to mess with yoys, those are the grittiest harmonics you can get without your sound dying

    • Thank you for the apology. I agree :)

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  • almost has a hotline miami type of vibe

    • this is a certified r.shani comment

  • this is creative

  • god that cover though...

  • lito style

  • It's on the charts already, sheesh...

    • i copied pasted those parts to a different draft so it wouldnt lag and was working on it, trying to see what it sounds like

    • still working i wont finish in time lol

    • got it

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  • /(╹O╹)\

  • reminds me of geometry wars for some reason. One of the levels.