Cover of track Orange Soda (infyuthsion & Uprising ) by ProCollabs
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ProCollabs, Orange Soda (infyuthsion & Uprising )


Sometimes things are good.Clear sunny days.

Just the right amount of clouds in the sky. a Day at the beach. A time in life n-between problems.

a sence of growth and well being. And a Good song to Help you notice the rare moment in life where things are just fine and your glass is half full of orange soda

Track creation:

This is a collaboration featuring



With a Cameo Solo From

Syntax. (those who know Her style will know where)

This Track was a joy making

Enjoy this chill track. And next time you find your self in a good place. Stop and take notice for that is where your best memories come from

its the small things that matter at the end

Edits: Syntax solo leangthened

Fixed some of the spelling issues

Titiled song to Show authors

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