(Such Simple Lyrics)

Our God is an Awesome God

He Reigns

From Heaven Above

With Wisdom, Power and Love

Our God is an Awesome go.

I dont care if you are atheist or if you are of a different religion, at least the song is cool!!!

I just had to make this... I will be hosting a contest soon soooo *** be on the l0.0k out... but I might just spam it.. I dont know..depdending on the mood I'm in.

I hope you enjoy



Be optimistic and Love chicken.

*republished... i turned it down...my computer still isn't fixed..and i'm not supposed to be using he computer i'm downloading this with but what ever....

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  • kanye moment

  • refav :pray:

  • our god lives forever


  • This song is awesome,I have to share it with meh friends when I have the chance.

  • indeed he is! epic remix! :)

  • MEME




  • Awesome! Just needs sidechaining and it will be even better!

  • He is awesome! Great work, keep it up!

  • wow.

    just wow

    • i've just had a religion i don't believe in forced on me for my entire life, its nothing personal and i dont wanna sound like a dick, but yeah sorry heh its hard holding it in sometimes ygm

    • unfortunately, however

      and this isn't you, cally

      there are a lot of christians out there that scare people into believing that if they don't follow their religion and their religion only they will burn and die in hell

      and that's not really something one says to convert somebody

    • i mean, there really shouldn't be an argument

      it's good to spread the word of God wherever you go

      but if someone disagrees there's no point in trying to have a go at them

      all you can do is either explain more of what your religion (or lack thereof) is about

      and if they still aren't down move on tbh

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  • cool

  • didn't know God was a go

  • Is that hillsong?

  • Rich Mullins first sang this

  • I know this music what is the group?

  • lol theists