I've been wanting to make a song like this for awhile but I could never figure out how to make the synth for it. Well I figured it out; It uses a 303 with high resonance, distortion, and eq.


I've been trying for about a month now and landing a ton of unused drafts, but I'm finally satisfied enough with this to submit it for the competition.


Edit: Took the volume down just a little.

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  • Awesome track! As we would love to publish the track on digital platforms like Spotify, Deezer and others and also on our YouTube channel

  • Please do some tutorials

  • Holy !!!!!

  • Nice! Trending on trance charts right now.

    I'm glad you also like the 303.

  • You should make something like this again. One of the more "listenable" types of Trance imo. As opposed to turning cheese to 100% that is.

    • I mean this is like, the dancier type of trance. The 303 lends to it obviously but it's mainly the idea behind making a more aggressive kind of Trance that interests me.

    • I mean

      I guess I can make more tb303 trance

    • Can you be more specific lol

  • Gosh, that breakdown.

  • Infy making acid? Never heard of.

  • That sounds like a song ripped straight from Unreal Tournament 99.

  • Sounds like the bloodbath dance from the movie Blade

  • can you do some tutorials?

  • I wish I could do something like this...

  • neat

  • great!

  • ye blad you is rocking out so please dont leave and have you deleted loads of songs